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This amazing technology is in new trend now which is recently introduced by a many music listening products manufacturer’s like- apple,JBL,sony,Samsung and many more.this innovation is one of the best innovations till now in the list of music listening products.the reason behind speaking this thing is that ,before the launch of these airbuds, did you ever think that something(wireless earbuds) like this will come in the future in which it doesn’t have a wire in it to connect in the mobile phones.and it will only have a tiny earbuds to put in a ear and that little thing can be charged and can play a music for hours. Yes we know that you never thinked this and neither we,but the reality is that it has happened.and to know more about these wireless earbuds you can read our posts down there.we are giving you some best wireless earbuds suggestions which will make your decision easy about which earbuds you can buy for yourself.


  • JBL TUNE 120 TWS


These earbuds is one of the best wireless earbuds for every person now a time,the reason is these earbuds are very comfortable to wear and you won’t feel any load in ears because it is very lightweight. with wired earbuds its become very difficult to exercise or gymming  because while doing exercise the wires of earbuds tangled with each other which creates problem,that’s why these wireless earbuds are very good for the persons who love to do physical activities like-running ,sports,exercise etc.just connect your mobile phone with earbuds and put your phone side and enjoy music with free hand and do whatever you want. JBL free x has a 4 hour’s playback time and 20 hours of backup power from the charging case,when you are not listening the music you can put your earbuds in a charging case to charge earbuds.while listening music if someone ring your phone than you can talk with them directly from the earbuds because it has a in-built microphone for your phone calls. It is also splash proof  It has a IP X 5 certified design. And one more amazing feature is that you can also access siri/google now from these earbuds.


This JBL earbuds has a pure bass sound which provides a powerful punch to all your playlists.it has a 4 hours of playback time and 12 hours of backup power from the charging case ,backup power of this JBL tune is little bit lower than JBL free x.but there is many more interesting feature which is same as a JBL free x, you can take a calls directly from the earbuds, just simply push the button on the earphones and start talking.now you can also access siri and google with the push of a button.with these amazing earbuds you can manage your calls and can do your workout without the fear of tangled wires. JBL tune is affordable for you but it have some bad things like low battery backup and don’t have splash proof design.


These Airpods are introduced by apple. Airpods are one of the most popular options for best wireless earbuds out right now,they are leading the market for truly wireless listening. Most of the peoples have a question about airpods that they can use airpods with android or not? And the answer is yes you can actually use airpods with android devices. And if we talk about battery life of these airbuds than you don’t have to worry about it, you can enjoy high quality sound all day long while work out or doing anything,it has a listening time up-to 5 hours in one charge and the total listening time with charging case is more than 24 hours,that means you can charge earbuds anytime when you are not listening the music just put earbuds in charging case and in a while you are ready to listen music again. And the interesting feature which you will like is that you can access siri anytime you don’t have to push any button to access ,just say hey siri and do whatever you wanna do.and one more interesting feature of airpods is that they can sense when they’re in your ears and pause when you take them out.the only thing which we don’t like is that these earbuds are not sweat and water resistant.


If we are talking that which is the best wireless earbuds than we cant skip these amazing apple airpods pro ,airpods pro has everything in it which we want for our amazing sound experience.Pro version of airpods has more unique features than than the old version.it has a active noise cancellation feature in it by which your music experience will be on another level.while listening a music we always try to find a place where we can sit and listen music without any disturbance of outside noises but it can’t happen most of the time because if we are outside of home there is no place where the outside noise will not disturb you and for that this active noise cancellation feature works for you because this feature cancels all the outside noises and than there will be you and your music only.but if you want to listen music but also want to listen that what is happening around you than just press and hold the force sensor to switch transparency mode which lets outside sound in so you can listen and interact with people around you. While travelling we get bored easily because while traveling we have nothing to do ,the only thing we can do is listen music but now you are thinking that is these airpods pro can run music all day long?and the answer is yes they can. airpods pro has a 4.5 hours listening time in one charge and the total listening time with charging case is more than 24 hours, you can charge earbuds anytime when you are not listening the music just put earbuds in charging case and in a while you are ready to listen music again and again.and for your ear comfort there are three sizes of silicone tips for a comfortable fit in your ears.now you can access siri anytime with voice access feature by saying ‘hey siri’.and one more thing which only have in a pro version design is that it is sweat and water resistant.


Jabra elite 65t has his own specifications about voice quality. it has a ultimate voice and call quality and to increase sound quality of a earbuds it has a amazing feature of wind reduction which is very useful while traveling on a bike or in a bus,now you will think that why it is useful for us? Wind reduction feature is very useful because you know whenever we travel in a open vehicles and listens a songs in earbuds the sound of winds disturbs us ,wind sound comes more than a music sound which irritates us ,so for that wind reduction feature reduce the sound of wind by which you can enjoy your music without any disturbance. And not only this it also has a hear through feature in it ,when this feature is in off mode you are unable to listen a outside noises and can enjoy your music without any disturbance of outside noises, but if you want to listen that what is happening around you than just touch a button and enable a hear through feature of your earbuds. and for your comfort that you won’t feel any load in ears because of earbuds fitting jabra is giving 3 sets of eargels in different sizes from which you can choose the right size for yourself. jabra also has a The jabra sound+ app which allows you to control your sound,music,calls,hear through and you can also access the voice assistant by this app.you can also access voice assistant by pressing a button on earbuds. these earbuds has a 5 hours listening time in one charge and the total listening time with charging case is 15 hours.


Samsung galaxy buds deliver a incredibly rich ,high resolution live sound. galaxy buds keeps unnecessary noises out of your conversation. It has 6 hours playback time in a single charge and total listening time with charging case is more than 13 hours.galaxy buds is slim fit designed which feels very comfortable while wearing in ears,it is snug fit in your ears by which you can do all type of your physical activities easily without a fear of falling down of earbuds.


We all know about REALME it’s a very known brand in india for their mobile phones. Now recently realme introduced a new product which is Earbuds and they called a realme Buds air. the design of Buds air is similar to Apple airpod first version which is very premium look.Not only design some of features of buds air is similar to Airpods.It has a open-up auto connection feature which means when you wanna listen music you don’t have to connect  Buds air every time,you just have to put out the buds from the case and it will auto connect from your phone. and the one unique feature of this Ear bud is that it has a wear detection sensor in it ,which means if the buds is out from the case but you are not using them you are not wearing them in your ears than the music will automatically paused and when you wear them they will detect and play the music. And one of the amazing feature of this Buds is that it has a touch sensor on the top of buds ,you can control many things from this touch sensor. You can access siri, answer a calls , play/pause music , skip to the next song , enter and exit gaming mode. For you phone callings it has a dual microphone which have a noise cancellation technology. The sound quality of this Buds air is very good and has nice bass which Indian likes the most. Total running time of these buds with case is 17 hour which is very good and Buds can play a music up-to 3 hours in one charge. I think this Buds air is one of the best wireless earbuds in this price.